Terms and Conditions

The Acceptance of orders shall only take place based on the following conditions. 
Placement of an order deems these conditions as accepted.


Verbal and written quotations will only become binding on confirmation. Where no specific price has been laid down the list price of the supplier will apply.


The customer declares to own all rights (ownership, copyright etc.) on the appliance, part or layout on which work is being carried out for him. He or she will take on any commensurate damages which may occur due to wrongful duplication.


1. Where a customer has arranged to pick up the goods himself, these will be duly handed out on receipt of a corresponding order. No liability will be taken if the goods are transferred to a third party who should not have received the goods.
2. Delivery will take place at the customers expense. This cost being charged on each delivery. Packaging charges will be kept to a minimum.
3. The supplier will endeavor to keep prearranged delivery dates.
4. With respect to the manufacturing of prototype or test boards for technical reasons we must reserve the right to under deliver by 1/2 on orders of over 10 boards, over and under delivery's shall be as industry standard practice allows and will not permit complaint or the right to reuse the goods.


Although we do our level best to get the goods to you on time, however in certain circumstance, once the goods are in transit or with courier, we can not guarantee its delivery day or time. Customer is liable for any loss or damage of the same while in transit.


Under no circumstances shall we be liable for loss of the buyer's profit or for any consquential or indirect damages; and under no circumstances shall we be liable for any claim in excess of the purchase price of the goods.


1. Despite the greatest care certain allowances must be reserved at all times for the quality of materials, the finish etc. On work to scale exact measurements will be used. Large discrepancies that occur due to shrinkage or warping of materials will be reserved. For changes occurring after delivery through outside influences i.e. fair wear and tear responsibility will only be accepted where these problems were caused as a direct result of poor workmanship. In the event of goods being rejected due to material or labour faults a complimentary replacement shall be supplied. Under no circumstances will the supplier be liable for consequential loss or damage. With regard to merchandising guarantee of supplier will apply.
2. Delivery of artwork or data will be covered as in 5a) above. The customer must check that all artwork drill/route files deliver are complete and correct. Rush PCB will not be liable if your order is delayed due to incomplete file/s or due to delay in receiving your instructions.
3. On receipt of complaints as agreed the supplier has the right to correct any damage, offer a replacement or credit the amount deemed reasonable. Further claims will be rejected. Replacement goods will be delivered in a standard lead time.
4. The supplier will not acknowledge complaints where goods have been altered in any way unless permission to do so has been received in writing.


Complaints will only be accepted when submitted in writing immediately on, or at the latest 5 days after receipt of the ordered goods.


Invoices are payable on receipt of goods where no other arrangement has been made.


Property of the goods shall not pass until payment in full has been received.


The contact shall be binding under the governing laws of the country of the supplier.


Remainder of the conditions shall not be affected.

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